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Make: Scottish Aviation: Jetstream

pn_w0481 (48k) XX491/K, Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.1, RAF/45 Squadron, static, Brize Norton RAF, photo call, 2/7/1994
pn_w1207 (54k) XX497/E, Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.1, RAF/6 FTS, taxiing, Finningley RAF, air show, 7/9/1985
pn_w5617 (28k) 562, 563, 464, 566, Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.2 x4, RN/750 squadron, displaying, Fairford RAF, RIAT2005, 16/7/2005
pn_w4164 (47k) XX475, Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.2, DERA/West Freugh, taxiing, Cottesmore RAF, RIAT2000, 21/7/2000
pn_w1271 (51k) XX483/CU562, Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.2, RN/750 Squadron, static, Waddington RAF, photo call, 28/4/1990
pn_w2796 (55k) XX487/CU568, Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.2, RN/750 Squadron, take off, Fairford RAF, RIAT99, 26/7/1999
pn_w6507 (64k) XX488/562, Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.2, RN/750 Squadron, displaying, Fairford RAF, RIAT2005, 17/7/2005
pn_w4170 (32k) ZE439/77, Scottish Aviation Jetstream T.3, RN/FONA Heron Flight, landing, Cottesmore RAF, RIAT2000, 21/7/2000
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