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Vaguely Technical Guff

It started as a hobby...
Taking these pictures started as a hobby, born out of my obsession with all things aviation and probably dates back to the the age of seven. These days I concentrate on military aviation, the pictures contained here being taken at numerous public events and air shows, media events, base visits and sometimes sitting by the airfield fence (where this does not result in arrest!). My pictures have been used on hundreds of websites, published in various magazines and books around the world. This website demonstrates I am more interested in taking the photographs than creating websites...

The pictures contained here are taken on a mix of 35mm film and digital SLRs, since 2001 digital SLRs progessively replaced the film and I have not shot film now for more than a year. Lenses used range from 17mm to 600mm.

I have owned a number of brands of equipment over the years and the specific makes and models used are really not important. The bulk of the film images are taken on slide film up to 100 ISO, there are also a few taken on print film up to 400 ISO.

My current equipment is autofocus and has numerous automatic exposure modes. My personal preference is to use manual exposure, judged with a handheld incident lightmeter for action subjects. For static subjects I favour the convenience of Aperture-Priority mode. When I suffer a severe lack of confidence I resort to bracketing, then regret bothering when I look at the results.

Film Digitising
The the older (~worse) images here were scanned using an A4 flatbed from 5"x7" prints at approximately 175 DPI. The majority however are scanned using film scanners (2700dpi/4000dpi) and are from slides. Slowly I am re-scanning images that were from prints directly from the negatives. In all cases the scans are cropped, spotted, scaled (to 800 pixels wide) and the resulting output is saved in JPEG format with high compression factor to reduce the file size to a target of <100k.
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